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Welcome to Fast Lane Competitions!

Welcome from Lucy Walton, Director and Presenter of Fast Lane Competitions

Having grown up flying about on quad bikes and go-karts, I have always dreamed of fast cars and super bikes, but the reality for me, and for many of us, is that no matter how hard we work, we simply can't afford such luxuries.

That is what brings me here - Myself and the team set up Fast Lane Competitions earlier this year with the aim of making luxury available to everyone. 

From cars and bikes, right through to holidays, event tickets and accessories, I want to make your dreams a reality. I'll be bringing you the best prizes, at the best prices, with the best chances to win.

Enter now to win big and get in the FAST LANE!

I'm welcome to feedback and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, just drop me an email to fastlanecomps@outlook.com

Latest Winners
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BMW E92 M3! Prize Results // 2019/03/09

Congratulations Peter McLaughlin, £1800 cash alternative for the draw has been transferred to your account!

Triumph Daytona 675R! Prize Results // 2019/03/09

Congratulations James Turner, £700 cash alternative for the draw has been transferred to you!

£250 tax free cash Prize Results // 2019/01/27

Congratulations Jake on winning the £250 cash competition!

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